A short time after announcing Florida Anime Fest, our first show in the state of Florida, we were presented with a unique opportunity to put together a lineup featuring many of the top voice actors from the hottest anime on the market, My Hero Academia, which we jumped on.

Florida Anime Fest 2019 will be rebranded as My Hero Convention, a con with a focus on My Hero Academia. While we will feature voice actors and their roles from BNHA, these actors also have roles in hundreds of other anime shows and films, making this convention as diverse as a normal anime con with the added benefit of the BNHA track. We may even throw in a surprise guest or two that have no ties to the My Hero series.

We will begin guest announcements shortly, and we hope you follow us for all of the guests, screenings, gaming, panels, and so much more we’re bringing to Fort Walton on August 2-4 2019.

Click the image below to be taken to our new website for the event.